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Shocking! Married Man Sleeps with 9 of His Girlfriends, Then Sends Photos to His Wife to Spite Her (Photo)



​A woman has cried out for help as her husband has continued to torment her with his cheating ways by bedding 9 different women and sending her photos.

A Harare woman has made public her ordeal in the hands of her cheating husband she claimed is tormenting her. The woman says she is losing sleep after she lost her husband to about 9 of his girlfriends and he is now humiliating her by posting pictures of his several girlfriends to her WhatsApp number. The incident happened in Kenya.

According to a report by H-metro , the woman, only identified as Mai Tinashe, narrated how her husband Nobert Chifeya ditched his family and started sending his photographs with other girlfriends to her mobile phone.

“One of my husband’s girlfriends used to be a thorn in the flesh since my marriage a few years ago,” said Mai Tinashe.

“My husband is not employed and is hooking up with rich single and married women luring them with charms.

“I believe he is taking them to our plot promising them heaven on earth.

“Instead of supporting the child, Chifeya is hurting my feelings by sending his girlfriends to my mobile phone and changing his WhatsApp status and profile pictures at least three times per day as he parades his lovers.

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“To add salt on my wound, Chifeya’s sister joined the attack calling me names and saying that she stood by her brother who is dating several women claiming that he sired children with them.

“I want to believe that my husband uses charms to lure these woman,” said Mai Tinashe.

Chifeya confirmed posting photographs of his girlfriends to hurt Mai Tinashe saying she is poor and unattractive as compared to his girlfriends.

“I can send the photographs of all my lovers including Mai Tinashe’s so that you compare her with my girlfriends,” said Chifeya.

“Among them all, Mai Tinashe is the poorest and ugliest apart from being older than me.

“I think it is better to live with my girlfriends since I sired children with them.

“Handigare nemukadzi anondishungurudza every day, when I left her, she thought I would ask her to share property but I never did that.

“I left her with everything since all my girlfriends are rich and able to look after me, handirambidzwe kuita zvandinoda nemukadzi ini wandinoisa paprofile pic ndiye wandinenge ndichida panguva iyoyo.

“Mai Tinashe’s salary is far less than my girlfriends as one of them receives US$8000 per month and I date police women, ministers’ daughters and business women, they all have my children.

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“I only respect Mai Tinashe because she is mother to my child but her lack of education causes her to be troublesome in my life.

“I can give you the list and even send pictures of some of them, my sisters and my brothers are aware that Mai Tinashe has been troubling me for some time and deserve such treatment,” said Chifeya.

Chifeya’s victims that included married women begged H-Metro not to publish their names arguing that it would ruin their marriages.

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