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Serious Drama as Prostitute Throws Out a Man Stark N*ked on the Street After Having S*x (Photo)



​A s*x worker has caused some stir online after being caught throwing out a man with whom she had just had s*x with, on the street.

A young man from Mutare, Zimbabwe, has suffered a horrible embarrassment recently.

The man was thrown out by a s*x worker after sleeping with her.

The man, whose name has not been given, had his clothes confiscated before being thrown out of a love nest stark n*ked after he had quenched his sexual appetite with the hooker and refused to pay $10 he had pledged for her services.

According to The Zimbabwe Daily, the unidentified middle aged man, who is believed to be a resident of Chikanga high density suburb, learnt the hard way after school going children and dozens of onlookers thronged number 3520 Chikanga Phase Two, Mutare, to catch a glimpse of him.

One of the onlookers captured the real life drama on his mobile phone and the five minute long video clearly show the apologetic man seated on the edges of a vegetable garden at the house, begging for his clothes while the woman he had been intimate with shouts on top of her voice demanding her dues.

The incident occurred last Saturday around 11am. The hooker, only identified as Gestus, is heard in the clip refusing to listen to advice from her peers that she should forgive her defaulting client and give him back his clothes.

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She is also heard in the same clip claiming that prostitution is legal and any police officer is free to intervene but all she wants is her money.

“Everyone knows that only women of loose morals stay here. So any man who comes here must be prepared to pay for the services they get. Do not even try to convince me to forgive him. You are not the ones that slept with him.

“My relatives are walking naked back in the rural areas and you tell me to forgive him, for what? At least he should have asked for it in a proper manner and not mislead me into thinking that he can pay me,” fumes Gestus in the clip.

Interestingly, the hooker maintained that the man should never be shy as he can tell everyone who asks that he is a witch caught n*ked. She said the man failed to pay even half of the $10 he had pledged to pay for her services.

“There is nothing to be ashamed of he can tell people that he is a witch caught naked. He is not even ready to pay even $5 yet he had pledged to pay $10,” said Gestus.

After a lengthy period of tongue lashing, a Good Samaritan, who stays at the same house with the hooker, then intervened and gave his own clothes to the man moments before he then left the place.

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