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Profile Of Colonel Muhammad Ali Who Was Killed By Boko Haram (Photos)



​The Nigerian Army announced today that it lost one of its top officers, Muhammad Abu Ali, a lieutenant colonel, during a Boko Haram attack on Friday.

Ali who was an outstanding soldier until his death led one of the army’s fiercest-ever battles with Boko Haram, in February 2015, culminating in the recapture of Baga town in Borno state.

According to Sani Usman, army spokesman, Ali was granted accelerated promotion from rank of major to lieutenant-colonel in September 2015, for his courageous performance in a series of the army’s engagements with Boko Haram.

Usman added that four other soldiers were killed also killed, but that troops killed 14 of the insurgents who attacked a location of the army in Borno state.

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