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Nigerian Lecturer, John Danfulani Detained For Alleged ‘Hate Speech’ Released from Prison



​A Nigerian lecturer who has been held in detention over alleged hateful comments has finally found freedom.

John Danfulani is a very vocal former lecturer of Kaduna State University who has been on trial for alleged hate speech.

The man has however been finally released from prison.

John Danfulani, first arrested in January, was remanded in prisons two weeks ago by a High Court in Kaduna, the Kaduna State capital.

“Driving home. My 13 days ordeal in Kaduna prison ended some minutes ago. Thanking comrades for their support. Aluta continua” Mr. Danfulani posted on Twitter Monday afternoon.

Mr. Danfulani was suspended from the university before being handed over to the law enforcement for prosecution after posting what authorities in the state considered a hate speech on the internet.

The statement, which Mr. Danfulani posted on his Facebook page in December 28, railed against the contemporary culture in Northern Nigeria.

The educationist said Northern Nigeria is responsible for the widespread poverty of the people there.

He was arraigned before a Kaduna State High Court on October 27 and was subsequently remanded in prisons. His lawyer secured his release from custody this afternoon.

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