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My Father Has Gone Mad, He Has Just Caught My Mum Having S*x With Our Pastor – Man Cries Out



​A young man has shared a shocking story about the turbulence that has just rocked his family after his father made a sad discovery about his mother.

The young man has revealed that his family is about to tear apart.

According to him, his father has just caught his mother having s*x with his father and that has not gone down well with the man at all.

Below is how he told the story:


I don’t know what to do.

My father just rushed into the compound shouting and screaming “You’re dead! You’re dead! By the time I’m done with you, you’re dead!”

When he managed to say a few words about what happened, I realised he had just caught my mother having s*x with our pastor.

I’m 23 years old and we’ve lived together in peace for a long time.

My father is a very quiet man who seldom gets involved in altercations with other people and is considered with much respect in our neighbourhood.

My mother too is very respected. She is even the women leader in out church and thus commands a lot of repsect.

Recently, she started complaining of mysterious body pains and sometimes would be shouting at night. This really freaked us out,

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So for sometime now she has been going to the pastor’s office to meet with him and have prayers said for her.

The first few times my father was going with her to the pastor’s office but after a while she started going on her own.

Today, my father had just come back from work and when he asked where mum was, I told him she was at the pastor’s place as usual for prayers so he decided to go to the pastor’s office to meet with them there.

About 35 minutes later he came back screaming

“You’re dead! You’re dead!”

Right now, there are many people in our compund trying to cool my father down.

The pastor and my other are nowhere to be seen.

I’m vey confused right now and so disappointed.

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