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Lady Exposes Handsome Man Who Defrauds Ladies With Fake Currencies On Social Media (Photos)



​A social media user identified as Precious Adigwe took to her Instagram page to share an unconfirmed story of a handsome man whom she alleged was using fake currencies to defraud ladies.

She wrote:

“Wanted!!! The guy above with IG name :chapguy, is a scam, and a criminal,unfortunately my girl friend(name withheld) so happens to be a victim,my girl friend bought her iPhone from @obiwezy (ig name) Oct 2016 not up to 3 week.

This is what transpired between my girl friend and the criminal chap guy. On 17th November 2016 chap guy called my girl friend right in my present telling her he is coming to Lagos from Abuja and will be needing her assistance to get a hotel around as he doesn’t know his way around in Lagos.

My innocent friend with a big heart offered to assist this criminal and went ahead to pick him up from the airport, then took him to an hotel in Allen ikeja (hotel name withheld) the guy checked in, just when my gf was about to leave ,he asked her not to live that he would like her to stay back to show her some appreciation for her kind gesture they were both having a drink and he brought out an envelope and gave it to my Girl friend and told her to manage the $1500 just for being nice, in a little while he asked her to excuse him with her phone, that he is having bad network And willl appriciate if she signs out from her icloud so he could sign in and check his mail, my girl friend signout without much hesitation and handed him over the phone to use,then she asked to use the restroom just at her return from the restroom chap guy was missing,she waited for 4 hours and decided to step outside the hotel and search for him then the cab men outside described the guy and said one of the cab drivers drove chap guy off to the airport The charger and power bank is also missing from my girlfriend’s bag and also the $1500 are all fake ..

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please let’s repost and expose his evil act so no one falls victim for this scammer .he is wanted call us and save the next girl who is about to fail victim 07031620560…thanks #adigwe#adigweprecious”

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