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Lady Dies After Container Fell On Her At Mile 2, Lagos (Graphic Photo)



​As shared by a Facebook user, Blossom Martins

Lady Who Died After Container Fell On Her In Lagos

Pictured is the lady identified as Monica Onokah who was involved in a fatal accident which happened yesterday at Mile 2 bus stop by Festac town in Lagos. A container truck fell on the said lady and crushed her legs in the process as she was about boarding a bike on the road. According to reports, the bike man managed to escape but the lady tripped while trying to run, and the container fell on her legs.

People came to her rescue and when they couldn’t figure out how to take the very heavy container off her, they decided to cut off her legs with a cutlass. The lady died as she was being rushed to the hospital.

*Didn’t want to post this story initially cos of the graphic image (it brought tears to my eyes). But felt it will be necessary to post it so as to use it to warn and also advise every one of us to be extra careful anytime we are close to any moving trailer with a container. Whether as a pedestrian, in our car or in a public cab. Please lets be watchful and careful. May the soul of this innocent girl rest in peace… No thanks to govt authorities, who still cant find any solution to the menace of these container trailers on our roads…

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