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How Shameful! Two Married Men Shock Bystanders as They Fight Over Prostitute in Public



​Two married men have shocked people with their unbelievable display of shamelessness after engaging on a fight over a s*x worker.

Two men have engaged in a serious fight over a s*x worker causing a stir in ther area.

According to SDE, the incident occurred in Kenya on Friday.

Raw rage boiled over, with the two men clobbering each other as they laid claim to the woman of the night.

“The girl is mine, you expect me to buy her nyama choma and drinks, only for you to come and snatch her from me? You must be crazy!” One of the men, believed to be married going by the wedding band on his finger, yelled.

The other man, believed to be in his late thirties and also married, shot back claiming he only wanted the harlot for a short time and was to release her back to enjoy her drinks and roast meat.

Drama began when one of the men who had been eyeing the woman of the night in the company of her client attempted to pull her from her seat, claiming he wanted to have a quiet word with her.

The move annoyed the other man who had spent his money on her, hoping the treat would culminate into a happy ending.

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In a desperate move to mark his territory, the angry benefactor told off the intruder urging him to get lost.

“What is wrong with you? You can’t see I am with her? Where are you taking her?” The furious man barked as he shoved away the offending man.

The two patrons began hurling expletives at each as other drunks cheered and urged them to engage in a physical brawl to settle the matter as men.

True to form, a nasty fight broke out, forcing the security men at the pub to intervene.

The two were forcefully evicted from the club and became a talking point, with their marital status coming into sharp focus.