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GOOD NEWS! EFCC Certifies MMM AS Legal, Refuse to Take It Down (MUST READ) 



​News Making the Airwaves recently of the Federal government on Nigeria Going After MMM Has been Viral, But it Seems things have Taken a Turn for the Better for the MMMites

As Reports Reaching us from Tropage, is that there are indications that EFCC may not be able to go after MMM promoters as they see them as people going about their own personal and private business which is not illegal. According to their reporter from a source in EFCC,MMM is not an unlawful businessas such we cannot go after the promoters of MMM. Our questions to the National Assembly is ” What are we going to charge the promoters of MMM for? What law have they violated? What money has the system stolen?. All these and many more are questions that we need to consider before taking any actions. MMM does not have any office in the country where we can go and ask for details about their activities. So our hands are tight.

Tropagealso noted that their source also went further to state that people who participate in MMM are doing so at their own risk. As such they would have themselves to blame for any negative outcome. It is not for us to tell them what to do with their money. Just as we do not stop people form investing on any legal business venture, we can not stop people from participatingin MMM.

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Recently, the President-Elect of the United States said that the Nigeria Government is corrupt. I think the FG should do somethingabout this instead of running afterthe wind about MMM. MMM is real and even I have benefited from it.

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