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Former Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke To Face 14 Years Imprisonment Over Lesbian record



​The lesbian sex scandal rocking former Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke might have taken a turn for the worse after it was revealed that she faces 14 years imprisonment over the act.

This might sound as bad news for former Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke as she now faces 14 years imprisonment over the leaked lesbian record in which she was caught engaging in a sex act with another woman.

According to the Sex Marriage Prohibition Bill signed into law by former President Goodluck Jonathan in 2014 prohibiting such an act, anyone found to have gone contrary to the stipulated law faces up 14 years jail term.

The Act reads in part:

“A person who enters into a same sex marriage contract or civil union commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a term of 14 years imprisonment.

“A person who registers, operates or participates in gay clubs, societies and organizations directly or indirectly makes public show of dame s*x amorous relationship in Nigeria commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a term of 10 years imprisonment.

“A person or group of persons who administers, witnesses, abets or aids the solemnization of a same sex marriage or civil union of supports the registration, operation and sustenance of gay clubs, societies, organizations, processions or meetings in Nigeria commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a term of 10 years imprisonment.

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“The High Court of a State or of the Federal Capital Territory shall have jurisdiction to entertain matters raiding from the breach of the provisions of this Act.”

To add salt to the injury, the Association of Beauty Pageant and Fashion Exhibition Organization of Nigeria, ABPFEON, has called on the police to immediately take up the case and prosecute Chidinma.

The Secretary General of the association, Alex Nwankwo, said,

“If Nigeria Police were really interested in this case; the actual culprit who is Chidinma Okeke should be looked for.

“There is no ignorance in law. Besides it is a federal case which attracts 14 years in imprisonment.

“We believe if there is a petition against Chidinma Okeke on this banned federal offence of Lesbianism on the table of Nigeria police, they would have commenced hunting for her arrest.

“Getting Chidinma is far easier than getting her blackmailers because in one of her releases or purported statements behind camera, she sighted that the blackmailers had been extorting money from her; that means she is either known to them or she knows who she has been sending money to.”

It is believed that if the police takes up the case and proves it against her, she might end up serving 14 years prison term.

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