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Constitution Of Republic Of Biafra Would Be Collective — IPOB



​Alfred eboh

Secularism in Biafra land is unacceptable. Biafra will be a Christian nation like Angola. We will not accommodate any Islamic people within our borders. Mosques will not exist in Baifra land. We will turn already existing mosques to libraries.

His Royal Highness1 Tunji Olarewaju

Biafra is here and if you do not like it get ready for another war in due time but in the end Biafra will emerge. We prefer to get Biafra in a peaceful way but bear it in mind that all options are on the table.

Egbu Yugo His Royal Highness1

Before you chant war songs, ensure it’s what others want too. On a lighter note, have Biafra promoters mapped out their boundaries as the former Eastern enclave that seceded in?

Bigzy WJasper

Anyone can practice traditional worship as well as Christianity in Biafraland, but those who want to practice Islam must look to the West and the North.

CEO Delta_Quagmire

How many people wrote the American constitution? You don’t need every citizen in writing such a document. You write it and they will come and join if they like it. I have been telling IPOB to write a constitution and express those liberties that Nigeria is lacking. Especially fiscally autonomous communities. Let communities band together by choice rather than fragmenting tribes and clans into states where they feel marginalized.

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Egbu Yugo GEO

Best comment so far. You don’t play the populist card of saying everyone will join in writing the constitution. It’s just not possible. Dangling a carrot of true federalism may be all it will take to swing support to your end

 Also things work better and longer if it obeys natural laws.

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