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Charly Boy Mounts Massive Protest in Abuja, Fight or Die for Nothing! (PHOTOS)



​Speaking to newsmen on Tuesday when he led hundreds of youths to protest at the National Assembly Abuja, veteran Nigerian entertainer, Charles Oputa, also known as Charly Boy, has advised Nigerian youths that only agitation can restore their ‘stolen future’. The peaceful protest reportedly began at the Unity Fountain, near Transcorp Hilton Hotel, with the demonstrators carrying placards and Nigerian flags singing anti-government songs all the way to the 3-Arms zone where the National Assembly is located.

Charly Boy who led the protesting Nigerian youths, said that they have been handicapped by poverty and unemployment as a result of corruption.

He said: “I was happy that some youths are doing what young people should do and I am just here to encourage them to take their rightful place in society. I have also advised them on the need to go back to the drawing board and come out massively because this is a course for the few men and women of integrity left in Nigeria to come and speak out against this oppression.

“I see that most of the youths these days are just handicapped by the great poverty, unemployment and uncertainty of tomorrow because we have a government that does not work. We have a government that cannot arrest corruption.

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“I am here to encourage them because when next we come here, the whole place will be filled up. This is a movement and I am telling the young Nigerian youths that if you do not do something about your future because your future has been stolen. So if you don’t fight to retrieve it, you will die for nothing in this country. They will be nothing for you if you don’t agitate. “I am here to encourage that culture of agitation; the culture of standing up for your bloody rights because nothing will change until you do so.

“I see that this is a big movement and this is a good fight. My duty as the father is to connect all the dots for these kids. To connect all the people to come out and fight to save Nigeria. I believe that this can work and if I get involved in something, that thing must work; because I be winch pass that thing wey dey hold us. But it would only work if the Nigerian youths come out to support it.”

It was gathered that the protesters demanded a more open and transparent legislative system and that the budget of the lawmakers must be opened, adding that all arms of government should be joined to the Treasury Single Account (TSA) and also called for the removal of immunity clause.

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The protesters also demanded that constituency projects be stopped, the senate be scrapped and death penalty be introduced for corrupt public holders.

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