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Attention! Do You Know You Can Contract HIV Through Sucking Bosom and Licking Semen? 



​Do you love to suck the Bosom s of a lactating woman during sex? While this is ordinarily harmless, do you know the HIV status of the woman? Again, if you’re the type of woman who sucks dry a man after sex, you may be exposing yourself to high risks of contracting HIV! And, do you use syringes or other sharp objects that have been used by other people? Then you risk HIV infection if you don’t stop! This is because, in addition to many other avenues through which people can become infected with HIV, these two activities, though they give pleasure, can get you infected with HIV if your partner is infected!

Experts warn that HIV can be transmitted in the sexual fluids, blood or Bosom milk of an infected person. How can you protect yourself? This way: Abstinence for youth, including the delay of sexual debut and abstinence until marriage Being tested for HIV and being faithful in marriage and monogamous relationships Correct and consistent use of condoms for those who practice high-risk behaviours. In regards to sucking the nipples, this is No Risk because there is no sort of bodily fluids involved.

According to AIDS Vancouver, in regards to sucking the nipples, this is No Risk because there is no sort of bodily fluids involved. In regards to licking the honeypot, or giving oral sex, this is considered a Low Risk, however the reports of infection based on this activity are usually under specific conditions (such as having major dental work done which provides direct access to the bloodstream in the mouth). Although your situation doesn’t pose a high risk, here at AIDS Vancouver we recommend that everyone who is sexually active get tested regularly as part of their sexual health maintenance. HIV testing sites can be found by calling your doctor/hospital/clinic, and many are anonymous

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