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ALERT! “Don’t Fall For This White Handkerchief Trick By Kidnappers”



​Dear readers, please take your time to read this carefully. This is a TRUE LIFE STORY that happened to one of my co-staff last week in Ilorin, Kwara State. If you are in a taxi and a stranger is trying to open a bottle water and the water mistakenly spill on you, do not allow the person use either white handkerchief or any kind of cloth to clean your body.

The son of my co-staff was in a taxi on Thursday 13th Oct 2016, and a stranger inside the same taxi was trying to open a bottle water and the water mistakenly spilled on him. The stranger now used a white handkerchief to wipe the water that spilled on him and he became unconscious. Only for him to wake up in an unknown building where human parts are sold.

After spending some days there and they discovered he wasn’t useful to them, they dumped him inside a deep bush to find his way. After wandering for hours, he located a main road only to discover that he was already in Ede, Osun State. He finally returned home on Sunday. The victim recounted his ordeal with these ritualists, sighting how human parts are being sold like normal meat.

Please let’s be watchful and prayerful that we shall never be their victims in the mighty name of God (Amen). Please share till it gets to as many people as possible to save lives.

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This is a TRUE LIFE STORY from a concerned Nigerian.

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