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Who Would You Prefer – A Faithful But Stingy Spouse Or A Cheating But Generous One?



​Everyone probably wants their spouse to be faithful. Everyone probably wants their spouse to be a giver. But sometimes, it could be hard to find a partner who has both attributes — faithfulness and generosity. If they were to choose between a partner who is faithful but stingy and one who is unfaithful but generous, SATURDAY PUNCH asked some people who they would prefer

A cheating but generous spouse is better

I think I’m going to go for a cheating but generous spouse. One does not know tomorrow. The cheating partner may change someday and become faithful. Likewise, a faithful one may change someday and become a cheating one. Circumstances change people. If someone is generous, it will be hard for them to become stingy, but I doubt if a stingy partner can eventually stop being stingy. Once something becomes a part of you, it’s hard to change… Ogunshi Oluwabunmi

I cherish faithfulness

Marriage is all about being faithful to each other. Besides, we are not entering into the relationship because of what we will get but for what we will both contribute to make it work. Though it is good to be a generous person, I will prefer a faithful but stingy spouse. Her faithfulness means I’m the only person who has authority over her body. If that’s the only thing I’m enjoying, what else is there to demand from her?… Ademola Abdul-Jeleel

It’s better to have a faithful but stingy spouse

It is better to be faithful and stingy than to be cheating and generous. The faithful but stingy partner can become generous eventually. If he’s exposed to teachings on giving, he might be convinced one day to start giving. What is the point of having a spouse who is generous but is sleeping with ladies all around? If he contracts any sexually transmitted disease and transfers it to his partner, what is then the gain of his generosity? With patience, one can still cope with a faithful but stingy spouse…………… Rebecca Fagbohun

I don’t want to depend on my wife for money

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I will surely go for a faithful but stingy spouse because relationship is all about what you can contribute, not necessarily about what you want to get from the other partner. By the way, I want to be a man who is responsible financially in the home, to my wife, children and relatives. So I don’t really mind whether my spouse is generous or not. Of course, that doesn’t mean she should not be a giver. She must also surprise me with gifts occasionally… Fadele Adeyinka

Faithfulness alone doesn’t put food on the table

A generous but cheating partner is better. A stingy partner will find it hard to meet his financial obligations at home. You probably have to nag and nag before he does something. He will not be sensitive to the plight of his wife and children. Meanwhile, faithfulness alone doesn’t put food on the table. A generous partner will not wait for you to complain before he knows what to do. If he doesn’t have, he will let you know and keeps your mind at rest. But when a stingy person doesn’t have, you’ll not even believe him. And no one can remain the same for life — a cheating spouse may become faithful one day………………. Nafiu Yetunde

A cheating spouse is worse than a killer

It’s either a cheating spouse will kill one someday or one will kill her. Being generous is not a criterion to be cheating on me. She should not say because she’s always giving, she has the right to do whatever she wants. Any wife or husband who is a cheat is worse than a murderer. So I’ll prefer a faithful but stingy spouse. With time, a stingy spouse can change……. ‘Gbile Shola

Marriage isn’t just about material things

I don’t want either of the two. A stingy man is a spell. No one will enjoy him. He will frustrate you and push you to the wall. He will never see any reason to make you happy. In a similar manner, an unfaithful man is a piece of dirt that should be avoided. He will also not make you happy, even if he’s always giving you money. Marriage is not only about my partner giving me material things. My husband must be faithful and generous. That’s what I want… Oluwakemi Adesina

Her faithfulness is okay by me

I want to be a man who is financially responsible in the home, not the type who depends on his wife’s riches to survive. I want to be financially capable. So why should I go for a generous but cheating spouse? I think it’s only a man who does not want to work that will always expect from his wife. If you are working and you are making some money, you don’t need your wife to be generous. Her faithfulness is okay by me………….. Ben Wole

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I don’t wish to make my spouse a source of income

I’ll go for a faithful but stingy spouse. First, I don’t have the mindset about being a receiver always in my life. I always want to bring something to the table. I don’t want my spouse to be my main source of income. That’s not what marriage should be. Both parties should give to each other. Second, a generous but cheating spouse will eventually kill you before your time. It is better to stick to a faithful man even if he’s not generous………………. Joe Fejiro

Let her keep her money, but give me her body

I don’t want a cheating partner. She is dangerous. If a woman is sleeping with all men around and is giving you money, what respect do you have again as a man? Virtually none. My point is, my wife should be faithful. I don’t want her gifts and money. I will work hard to provide for the family. She can keep all her money. As long as she gives me her body, life is good………… Samuel Gelor

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