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Unbelievable! Young Man Publicly Pulls Down His Pants and Poops Inside a Packed Bus



​A young man has shocked people with his unbelievably weird act after he dropped his pants and pooped in public.

A young Kenyan man has done the unimaginable recently… 

The man shocked people after he suddenly dropped his pants and pooped inside a bus with many people in it.

According to SDE , after his frantic efforts to have the driver stop – which is the custom with most long-distance travelers – to let him dash to the nearby bush to relieve himself failed, the unidentified young man emptied his bowels right in the vehicle, much to the chagrin of fellow passengers.

“He had a running stomach and the driver refused to stop. He kept telling him to persevere as a man and wait till the next stop, which was Nakuru Town. When the going got tougher, he just pulled down his pants and relieved himself on the floor of the matatu,” said Nelson Ingosi, a passenger who witnessed the scandal.

According to Ingosi, the young man, who was sitting at the back of the matatu, tried to beg the driver to stop, but all was in vain.

“Fellow passengers who understand how it feels to be pressed with a long call of nature in a speeding matatu had, in solidarity with their kind, unsuccessfully pleaded with the conductor to stop the vehicle.

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“The supposedly rude conductor instead pointed to a cheeky sticker on the window of the vehicle that read ‘kupanda ni popote, kushuka ni stage (You board anywhere, but you can only alight at a designated stage)’,” said Ingosi.

It is the wails for help from passengers and foul smell that had rendered the vehicle unoccupiable that forced the driver to stop.

The driver and conductor were, however, almost lynched by the passengers when they tried to escalate the already bad situation by demanding that the young man caters for the expenses for cleaning up the mess, arguing that he was old enough to control his bowels.

“Have you ever had a running stomach, you fool?” An angry elderly woman is quoted as having hissed at the demand, as others joined the fray before the crew ate humble pie and cleaned up the mess.

This, however, was after they discovered a crowd of curious onlookers had milled around the vehicle, baying for their blood for mistreating a passenger.

The young man ducked into a roadside bush to clear the mess on himself and changed into fresh clothes a passenger had offered him before the journey resumed.

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