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This Bag Is Causing an Argument Online, Some People See It as BLUE Not White!!!



​First there was The Dress that divided the Internet. Now it is The Bag that is causing debate among people online. A perplexing photo of a new Kate Spade handbag has keen fashion spotters baffled with the question: Is the bag white or blue? Taylor Corso, from the United States, posted a photo of the handbag to Twitter on Wednesday and was immediately complimented on her ‘nice white purse’. She had no idea her innocuous reply, ‘It’s blue’, would spark a fierce debate and thousands of replies. ‘Oh come on, please. It is clearly white,’

one sceptic wrote on Twitter .’It is white to me, sorry to ruin the fun, ‘ another added. Ms Corso responded by posting a second photo which, in a different light, clearly showed the bag was blue. Some suggested the white appearance of the bag was caused by her camera automatically adjusting the light of the photo. The debate dredged up memories of the The Dress that divided the Internet in 2015.The two-toned frock sparked a fierce online debate, with users arguing whether the dress was blue and black or gold and white. The photograph that started the internet storm was taken by Cecilia Bleasdale, from Scotland, while she was deciding what to wear to her daughter’s upcoming wedding.

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Ms Bleasdale sent the picture of the frock to her daughter, Grace, to ask the bride-to-be what colour she thought the dress was.

It was quickly picked up by bloggers, news outlets and Twitter users, who spent the better part of two days trying to resolve the debate.

Scientists were eventually called to settle the squabble, concluding the dress was black and blue, with a trick of the light explaining the difference in perception.


Andrew Lotery, Professor of Ophthalmologyat the University of Southampton, told MailOnline that the difference in perception could be due to lighting conditions, the device the image is being viewed on and even a person’s age and gender.

He explained that everyone has different combinations of the genes that create the sense of colour for red, green and blue and because these genes are on the X chromosome, women tend to have more variations.

As a result, women have a more dynamic range of colour so may be more susceptible and sensitive to specific colours. This may explain why women flip between seeing the different colours, and men typically don’t.

He added that some people have more than one ‘dose’ of a blue colour gene, as an example, so they will see higher or lower levels of this colour, too.

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Additionally, as people get older their perception of colour changes.

Other conditions, such as the development of cataracts, also changed the way people see the colour blue, he said.