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Pastor Sends Naked Photos Of Himself To A Church Member



​A 23 year old devout Christian whose name has been withdrawn shared story of how his pastor sent him a Nood photo of himself.

Below is how he told the story:

I am a man aged 23 and devout a Christian. It was on Wednesday last week when I received a WhatsApp image from my church pastor with the caption, ‘Tonight this is yours’.

The image was of the pastor in front of a mirror stark naked while holding his peen.

What baffled me most is that this pastor lost his wife in an accident three weeks ago . Immediately he noticed his mistake he called my number and started pleading and apologising . I told him forgiveness is for God and not me. He went away.

Today at church he was preaching and I could see he was super nervous. After church he asked to speak to me and he offered me a position in church or if I want he would give me money. he said he is willing to give me lots of money.

I do not know what to do now. I still have the image in my phone. One thought is telling me to delete the photo and hope the pastor learns from his wicked ways. The other is telling me to take the money.

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I am also deliberating to leave the church and go fellowship elsewhere or to just expose him for what he truly is.

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