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Mother Sparks Outrage After Sharing Photos Of Her Kissing Son Provocatively



​A single-mother has caused serious controversy online after she was caught in a compromising position with her son.

A Kenyan single-mother has caused serious controversy online after kissing and tonguing his little child. The mother could be seen in the photo kissing, exchanging saliva and passionately tonguing the son. Some people have reacted to the photo and condemned the act.

Although many believe as the baby’s mother she is free to play with him, others believe the play should be to a certain level and not in the most passionate way the woman did it. Her exchange and intimate locking of tongues and exchange of fluids has been described as a bad way of training the little boy.

“This is the New Age, people are exchanging saliva and other fluids with their kids and close relatives, I don’t think this sort of a tonguing relationship for mother &,son is healthy… what are your Mature views….Lets inform each other, as most of us are parents here or soon to be.” someone wrote.

Many people are talking about the photo which has caused controversy online.