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Listen Guys, These Are the Most Attractive Qualities in a Man Every Woman Wants



​Forget about the six-pack and the size of the schlong, there is just other qualities women really want in a man.

What do women really want? It’s an age old question and most guys are keen to know what qualities ladies want in a potential lover. But the great news is you can forget spending hours in the gym honing your six-pack or fretting about schlong size.

New research has revealed the top five qualities that attract women the most – and you may be surprised by the results. The team at Superdrug Online Doctor surveyed 1,712 people from the UK and the US to find out what really matters when it comes to romance.

And it turns out there are more important things than a pretty face, because the thing that turns her on the most is your sparkling personality.

Coming in a close second was good looks followed by a guy’s education, profession and finally his income.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star Online, a Superdrug spokesperson said: “Being able to carry a conversation, sharing common interests and having personality can be the difference between an awkward, uncomfortable dinner date and really hitting it off.

“Overwhelmingly ‘personality’ came back as the number one asset vetted before changing a relationship status.

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“The second-leading dating factor was ‘looks’ likely because the first things we notice about a person is his or her appearance: height, style and attractiveness.

“These two elements ranked far above the other three options (education, profession, and income).

“While still relevant, they didn’t seem to matter nearly as much as other surface-level traits.”

Most important qualities in a partner:

1. Personality

2. Looks

3. Education

4. Profession

5. Income

Source: Dailystar