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Kenyan Man Who Boasts of Sleeping With Underage Girls Finally Arrested (Photos) 



​Kenyans have been praying that a particular guy on Facebook who has been sleeping with young girls and even boast of not sleeping with a woman twice to be arrested. But the good news is now that, people have been sharing his arrest photos. The dude posts raw photos of girls with their private parts on display on facebook without covering their faces or anything. I took a good look at his facebook page and if you ask me, the guy ‘no well’, he looks and sound unstable to me. But then, we live in a world where we have all sorts of people now, so what do we say?

The first photo is one of the latest ones he posted online boasting he screwed the young girl in a bush, then came online to flaunt her photo and that of her bosom . The second one is a photo of him at a police station held in handcuffs now been circulated. Below are some of his boastful words online and the cash he flaunts.