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HELP! My 29-Year-Old Fiancee Wants To Dump Me Cus I’m Not Yet Ready For Marriage



​This was sent in by an reader;

Please I Need Advice From Real Men And Sensible Ladies On This Issue

My girlfriend of 2 years is about to leave me. the signs are everywhere. i am not financially stable for now but i love her so much. my income is small(30k) a month and i am planning seriously to get a better job before settling down.

She is 29 and already worried because she has a very good paying job and a lot of pressure is coming for her to settle down. family and friends are worried why she is still single and alot of other guys have been coming for her. a read a chat with her and her friend on her phone one time and the friend was telling her to leave me for another rich dude.

She has been very patient with me but its like her patience is running out since she is getting close to 30. she said she is ready to marry me the way i am that we will manage our income together till i get a better job since her income is better. she also said some families dont even earn half of what she earns and they are fine, she said she cant wait for me anymore that she wants to settle down but am scared because i feel a man should have enough before settling down and i want to be a real man. should i go ahead and marry as she suggest since she has a good job or i should beg her to be patient till i find another job so i can be a better husband. i dont want to loose her, i believe she is my wife and i told her from the first day i met her. pls how can i handle the situation. matured advice please.

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NB. we met during nysc and she was lucky to get a very good job before me

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