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Full Time Review:                          ​Alavés VS Madrid



After a contested first half, the hosts crumbled against “los blancos” in a second half that was completely dominated by a serious Real Madrid. Ronaldo led his side with a hat trick that stunned Alavés’ defence. In addition to Cristiano’s massacre youngster Morata took matters into his own hands scoring an 84th minute goal which sealed any chance Alaves had in getting back into the game.
Overall Madrid dominated the encounter with 59% possession against the host’s 41%. Real only had 5 shots on target, out of which 4 managed to find the back of the net while Alavé had 3 shots on target out of which only one was converted into a goal. Madrid were also a lot more fluent with 466 passes against Alavés’ 303 passes. Alaves’ strong defence didn’t work well with them conceding nearly triple the amount of fouls than their rivals.

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