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ADVICE PLEASE! “I Discovered My Wife Lied About Her Age After 3 Years Of Our Marriage”



​My marriage to my wife is facing a serious challenge, after I discovered from my wife’s WAEC certificate, that the date of her birth on the result is 6 years more than what she told me and what has been in all her non academic documents, including her C.V. Actually, i have seen all her academic certificates, including her NYSC discharge certificate, but never saw her S.S.C.E and FSLC results that normally bear dates of birth. Each time i ask her for them in order to compile all the credentials for job application purposes, she would tell me that her WAEC, NECO and primary school results are in a box, with her mum in thier home town; that she would ask her mum to bring them. I gnomo her mum lager came with them for her.

Eventually, a serious sure job came for which i would need these credentials to forward to the organization. She gave me the WAEC result with the excuse that age forgot the NECO and FSLC in her current office, which she promised to bring. Lol and behold! What i saw on the WAEC result is a date of birth 6 years higher than what she told me and what is in her C.Vs.

I called her attention and she started giving me excuses that hold no water. She is saying that the same DOB were erroneously registerd for her when, perhaps they were registering her for both WAEC and NECO. That when the results came out and she noticed the errors, she complained and applied to correct same, but since then, the exam authorities have not corrected them. I have not come to terms with the this discovery. I think this may cause us peace, thrust and love in pur marriage.

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My brothers and sisters, i think am contemplating of what action to take against her and am contemplating a divorce, but our two children are still very small for this. I want to report this issue to her family and mine. Am gradually withdrawing my trust for her.

I need matured advice and suggestions that will see me through this.