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WTF! Reality Show Star Blac Chyna Reveals Plan of Eating her Baby’s Placenta



​Recall that Kim Kardashian revealed in the past she did the same with North’s, eating the placenta, which she explained was put into capsule form, as it’s supposed to be healthy and nutritious for new mums. Chyna now has revealed she would be craving the ‘yummy’ snack after childbirth.

Chyna was on Amber Rose’s Loveline podcast when she revealed her plans, saying, “Maybe (it’s) my motherly instinct. Just reading and knowing the pros of Bosom feeding for your baby. Just recently I found out some new, cool stuff about not cutting the cord and sending your placenta. You can get these pills to take them after to make you and the baby healthy. If you notice dogs and cats, when they have their babies, they eat the placenta.