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SHOCKING! Newly Launched Iphone 7 Already Having Problem!



​Remember two years ago when the iphone 6 was released, the device was found to have bending issues nicknamed “BendGate”. Thankfully, we won’t have to worry about the iPhone 7 having the same bending issues the iPhone 6 did, but it has its own problem too.

Less than two week after its launch, some users of the recently launched iPhone(First noticed by Stephen Hackett from 512 Pixels) have been complaining of a hissing sound coming from the motherboard. And now, this particular problem is called the “Hissgate”.

Watch the video below and listen to the sound yourself.

This hissing sound is being triggered when the iPhone’s new A10 Fusion processor is being pushed hard by certain games and other demanding apps. At the moment it is unsure if this problem affects all iphones 7s, but according to Stephen, Apple said they’d replace his device after he reported the issue.

If this issue is not quickly solved, it could serious problem for Apple just like the explosion issue of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

source –  Naijatechs