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Shocking! Arab Woman Places Advert in Newspaper to Praise Her Kenyan Househelp (Photos)



​A delighted mother has taken an unusual way to celebrate her Kenyan nanny for taking good care of her autistic son.

Mariam al Rashdi paid for the advert space to appreciate her Kenyan nanny

An Arab mother has shocked her Kenyan nanny by paying for advertisement space to appreciate the awesome and wonderful way she has taken care of the woman’s autistic son.

Mariam al Rashdi, who lives in Doha, placed an advert appreciating Elizabeth Kamoca for taking care of her autistic son, Karim, for the last two years as the nanny’s stay in Qatar draws close to an end.

In the unique advertisement that appeared on Gulf Times Community on Wednesday, Ms Mariam said:

“This is a note from me, as a mother of a young man with special needs to say thanks for being an angel that God sent to help my son and support him. Thanks for loving him, accepting him, understanding him, and help him develop by teaching him. I am sure Kenya and the entire world will be proud of you one day. God will reward you for taking the best care of my son.”