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People Are Already Queuing Up For iPhone 7 (Photos)



​A lot of you may think the iPhone 7 looks almost exactly like iPhone 6, but a number of faithful are in a queue and already camping out in order to be among the first to lay their hands on this mindblowing device.

The iPhone 7 will not be launched until Friday however the loyal fans have already started the famous queues outside some of the outlets worldwide.

Currently in Germany and America camps has been setup since five days ago outside the stores on Kurfuerstendamm Boulevard in Berlin, and its flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York.

A lot of fans are waiting five days ahead of the new iPhones release and some are even offering to charge between hundreds and thousands for their spot holding services

According to Harvard Zhang on Twitter, an intern at Bloomberg News, the first man in the queue has been waiting since August 25 – long before the iPhone 7 was even unveiled and some people are even asking for fees to keep spots in the queue.