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OMG! Two Boys Age 4 and 8 Molested and Murdered a Year Old Child



​The two boys p, aged between 4 and possibly 8 allegedly raped a one year old girl, killed her, and then dumped her body into a pit toilet. The gruesome incident reportedly happened Wednesday in Mundemba, Ndian Division, South West region, Cameroon. They have been arrested by the Cameroonian police. Medical reports indicate the murdered toddlers genitalia was ‘destroyed’. As the population struggles to come to terms with this horrific news, some wondered if the boys could even get an erection, or let alone be capable of damaging the late baby’s genitalia in such a way, as the medical report indicates.

There is another school of thought that someone could be using these children to finish a crime he/she started. The two boys has admitted to throwing the little girl in the toilet and killing her whilst she was in there.