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OMG! Evil Husband Kills Wife Then Has S*x with His Cousin Multiple Times (Photos)



​A heartless man who allegedly stabbed his wife to death before going ahead to have s*x with his own cousin on the floor multiple times has landed in trouble.

A wicked husband has been accused of murdering his wife before having s*x with his first cousin multiple times while the woman’s dead body was stashed upstairs in a closet.

Dailymail has it that Loyd Sabastian DeJohn, 48, appeared in Macomb County Circuit Court in Michigan on Thursday for the beginning of his murder trial.

Explaining how he executed the evil act, Prosecutors allege DeJohn killed his wife, Kimberly DeJohn, 51, in a ‘cold-blooded act’ inside their home in May 2014, according to the Macomb Daily.

Assistant Prosecutor William Cataldo told the jury the 48-year-old bound, gagged and strangled his wife, before beating her with a blunt object and stabbing her more than 10 times in the stomach and legs.

After that, he allegedly wrapped his wife’s body in a blanket and stash it in a closet upstairs in their Warren, Michigan home, the newspaper reports. The evil man then went ahead to have s*x with his 25-year-old first cousin, Anjelica Gonzales, who was his girlfriend at the time, twice inside the home.

The jury was told the man kept his wife’s body in the closet for two days. It was alleged that the illicit affair between DeJohn and the cousin, who was also his girlfriend might have brought about the problem that forced the man to murder his wife.

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Gonzales had told a pre-trial hearing last year she did not know what had happened, and was frightened Kimberly DeJohn would find her with her husband.

The 48-year-old told his cousin and girlfriend, who moved into the house with him, she did not need to worry about Kimberly.

‘He told me not to worry about it, that she wasn’t coming back, that I would be safe and that he wanted to be with me,’ Gonzales said last year, according to the Daily Tribune.

Gonzales, who now lives in Kentucky, told the court DeJohn later changed his story and said his wife died after she fell and hit her head on some furniture. She did not ask what happened to the body.

But DeJohn would later offer a third story to Gonzales, claiming the two argued and he pushed her into a piece of furniture, busting her head open in the process. However he did not say she died in the altercation, and instead claimed his wife walked out of the house.

DeJohn, who had been arrested for domestic violence on May 30, claimed he and his wife had argued after she broke one of his ‘collectible items’, the Macomb Daily reports.

However, Assistant Prosecutor Cataldo told the court the alleged crime was about much more than that.

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‘We’re going to show the violence is very beyond somebody pissed because “they broke my collectible”,’ he told the jury.

‘This was planned… This was an act waiting for an opportunity.’

DeJohn’s attorney, Mark Nortley, argued that his client did not have any motive to murder his wife.

DeJohn has been charged with first-degree murder and disinterment and mutilation of a dead body.