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Linda Ikeji Crops Out Davido’s Name From Her “Queen Of Katwe” Report (Snapshots)



​Let’s take you a little down memory lane (earlier this year though). For those who have been observant, popular blogger Linda Ikeji has been beefing Pop star Davido since her Wizkid drama. Davido is a very close friend of Wizkid and it appears Davido was on Wizkid’s side silently during the drama. It’s obvious Linda hasn’t forgiven Wizkid even after the commissioner of Police interference in the matter and she also doesn’t want to have anything to do with anyone associating with Wizkid. You would recall that during her drama with Wizkid, she kept using the phrase “these small boys”, many suggested then that Linda was referring to Wizkid and his associates which include Davido. It’s no longer news that she also stopped promoting any contents that has to do with Olamide years ago, even though that hasn’t stopped the rapper from reaching a greater height since then.

What infuriated Linda the most according to many people in the know, was the fact that Wizkid referred to her of having a “fishy” smell down there, as this tag has become a sort of indelible mark on Linda’s image especially as it it used to taunt her anytime her name comes up on social media.

So, she posted the story of the soundtrack track of Disney Movie “Queen Of Katwe” which has MC Galaxy’s Sekem and Davido’s “Skelewu” in it. Shockingly, Linda Ikeji cropped out the part of the soundtrack leaflet which shows that Davido was also featured. Infact she revolved the story on MC Galaxy’s song “Sekem” alone where she generously celebrated him.

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Some of her readers would have non of that and they really came hard on her.

Interestingly, although MC Galaxy may be older than Davido, it was actually Davido who helped MC Galaxy to the limelight when the artist was struggling in Lagos.

One thing is certain though, whether Linda writes about it or not, the Davido’s feature in the “Queen of Katwe” soundtrack has already gone viral since yesterday and even Linda Ikeji’s Blog reader already knew about it. So, why the beef