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Harsh Economy: Man Caught Smuggling Bags of Rice as Corpse Inside an Ambulance (Photos)



​Some smugglers now wrap bags of rice as a corpse and smuggle them in an ambulance. The Spokesperson, Nigeria Customs Service, Seme Command, has revealed after a new bust.

Some gallant operatives of the Nigeria Customs at the Badagry-Seme border, have nabbed a smuggler who packaged contraband rice as dead bodies inside an ambulance.

Speaking to a correspondent, Chief Superintendent of Customs, Ozah M., said the team noticed the frequency with which the said ambulance was patronising the international route with the ‘dead body,’ a development they thought was becoming alarming.

The mobile patrol team leader disclosed further that his officers stopped the ambulance and discovered that it was carrying eleven bags of imported rice that was carefully arranged and wrapped as corpses, which led to the arrest of a suspected smuggler, Moses Degbogbahun, who brought in the commodity.

Taupyen Selchang, who is the Command’s Public Relations Officer, warned that no amount of smuggling antics along Seme border route will go undetected by the eagle eyes of officers and men of the Command, adding that the suspect was still undergoing investigation for possible prosecution.

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