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#Biafra: MASSOB Replies President Buhari



​The leadership of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, has taken a swipe at President Muhammadu Buhari for surreptitiously reminding innocent youth corps members of Igbo extraction, serving in Katsina State, of the sordid experience of their forebears, during the 30-month old war for freedom.

The MASSOB Leader, Comrade Uchenna Madu, who made the group’s position know in a press statement, also opined that there was no point singling out Ndigbo, out of the number that paid him the Sallah visit.

“Telling the Igbo youth corps members to inform their fellow Igbo youths in MASSOB to stop Biafran agitation, shows that he (Buhari) directly recognizes the corps members as Biafrans”, Comrade Madu said.

According to the MASSOB Leader, “Buhari still erroneously think that with his kinsmen in vital positions in the military, he will easily crush Biafra. MASSOB views Buhari’s constant negative comments on Biafra as a way of reawakening consciousness among Biafrans, even as he is jittery and unsteady about our doggedness towards actualizing our lofty dream”, Madu said.

While reminding the Nigerian government that every revolutionary struggle has its own methodology, Madu however said that “the current Biafran struggle will continue to unfold confusing methods for the Nigerian leadership”.

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His words: “We want President Buhari to continue to make similar statements that aptly express his frustration. No man can crush Biafra because God, history and humanity are on our side”.

President Buhari receives Daura National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) Members in his Daura Katsina Home on 13th Sep 2016

He equally reminded the President that the arrest and detention of Nnamdi KANU, Lotachukwu Okoli and a host of others, as well as the killing, persecution, prosecution, mesmerization, suppression and oppression of Biafrans, cannot quench the agitation.

“It must also be noted that the current clampdown of non-violent, unarmed agitators for self rule, only worsen the problem and underscores Nigeria as a creeping, repressive colonial state”, Madu reasoned.

It was his considered opinion that “any group whose stock in trade is to consign another to second class status, or denies another their full rights, including autonomy to political, cultural and economic development, is just as guilty of colonialism as the traditional white colonialists we are all familiar with, and herein lies Nigeria’s dilemma”.

Madu denied that Nigeria’s problem is not engineered by those agitating for an independent Biafra, but quickly added that “the Nigerian state as presently constituted, is the problem with Nigeria”.

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“Biafran agitation is only a reaction to the many injustices, exclusions, second class citizenship, born to rule philosophy, marginalization and other forms of inequity and inequality that characterize the Nigerian state”, Comrade Madu said.