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One Chance: Reader Narrates How he Lost N6000 to 19-Year-Old Runz Girl in Lagos



​One of dedicated reader sent this to us, he said it happened over the weekend it’s the story of how he was defrauded by a 19-year-old university girl. It was quite a shocking story.

Below is how he narrated the story

Nigerian girls are not smiling o, even in this harsh economic situation.

Yesterday being Saturday, i decided to hang out a while. I was sipping my cold goldberg peacefully at one of the joints in town when my phone rang, saw it was a flash and decided to call back to knw who flashed me since I didn’t save d number. I got to know it was a girl I met a week ago, Jennifer, a student of Uniben as she claimed (because I’ve strong doubt now).

She asked me where I was and i told her the place, giving her description. In less than 40 mins she appeared on a keke. I paid for her fare and asked her what she wuld like to have. She requested for the biggest size of the peppered fish that was available, with cabbage and other spicy stuffs (3, 500 naira). She also asked for 2 bottles of Snap drinks (500 naira) i come look am with one kain bad eye,when she talk that one. I don vex by that time.

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Nonetheless, I didn’t bother much because I thought both of us wuld still be the ones to enjoy the delicious fish. I started realizing the scam when she insisted that she want to take the fish home so that her friends culd share with her, saying they’re “friends for life” angry E come be like say na film i dey watch. My eyes come dey turn me up and down because Naija economy no get joy now.

What was on my mind now was to make her pay for her greed in the bedroom because the waitress clearly stated that there were other cheaper ones but she displayed greed by going for the pocket-wrecker package!

I was now thinking of how to convince her to sleep over at my house since it’s weekend. i gathered courage and made the request. To my greatest surprise, she didn’t object but said she wuld get to her house first and drop the fish for her friends. My adrenaline was high! I stopped the nearest keke after footing the bills. She was directing the keke rider. we got to a street and she asked the keke rider to stop in front of a house, she requested that I give her 2k to sort out some things with her friends. I didn’t hesitate since she wuld be sleeping at my place.

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She went into the building and that was the end! I waited for long, by then, the keke man was getting worried. I went into the building and discovered that the fence at the back of the compound had fallen. I met a young man washing clothes who told me she saw the girl entering the next street through the building. When I told him that she’s the one I’ve bin waiting for, he told me that people normally pass through the compound to the next street, that it’s a short-cut road!

Each time I call her line and the other line she flashed me with, different girls keep picking the calls, telling me that is it because of my small money that I’m disturbing their lines! I now feel she belongs to a cartel of runs girls who will stop at nothing to milk any hustling guy dry. I’ve made a resolution that any day I see her anywhere as far as we are both in this country, I’ll make sure she vomits my 6k in cash or kind! No be 4 dis harsh economy o!

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