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Kitay & Elizabeth: Is Love Brewing In The MTN Project Fame Academy? (Photo + Video)



​The MTN Project Fame season 9 is on and as usual, there are lots of amazing moments which comes with it; tension, emotion, love, friendship, study, performance, endless learning, the list goes on. Today, i wanna talk about what i spotted in the academy this week.

Kitay and Elizabeth are two contestants who have gone from contestants to friends and now “close friends”. In a recent video shared on the MTN Project Fame Channel, i sensed some good love hovering in the hearts of this duo.

I took sometime out to watch the video, and trust me, these two are so fond of themselves. How long can this be hidden? definitely not for too long as the two were spotted and asked to say something about what’s going on between them. See what they said below:-

Elizabeth – “Myself and Kitay we are very close, i like him and he likes me too but i know this is just for a short period of time. I have tried a couple of times to like stay away from him, but the moment i see him again, i just get close to him and we talk. He says the same thing too so that’s it. There is nothing happening, but we’re just very close.”

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Kitay – “When i am singing, i always look at my closest pal in the academy, Elizabeth. Though i just look at her normal. She too was looking at me when she was singing, maybe it’s because we are very close and fond of each other. Me and Elizabeth, we are really really close and ‘i know say people go don dey talk say these two dem get something or don dey reason each other’. But i just like her, she’s free. If God says this is your wife, ‘who no go happy, she be fine girl and she dey sing'”

Well Kitay and Elizabeth, all i can say is this; Love is a beautiful thing!

Watch video below 

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