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Baby Girl Found Dumped In Trash, Confirmed Dead (Photos)



​Not to advocate for abortion or anything of the sort but if you are going subject an innocent helpless child to such a bitter fate why not rid it off just when it was a clot of blood to save the world all this trauma?.

The reasons why people dumb newly born’s indiscriminately like this strike a whole new chord of inexplicable pain in me. Why be this devilish—at least go the fairy tale way by dropping it at the entrance of a church or in one wealthy man’s front door and speed your pathetic ass straight to hell, but in a dustbin?. That is unforgivable.

A baby girl was found dumped in the trash today, Tuesday August 9 at about by members of Buddhist Association of yia in Sriracha, Thailand. The baby was pronounced dead after paramedics arrived the scene.

The reasons behind it is still unknown.

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