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Angry Wife Disgraces Husband After Catching Him with a Prostitute in the Car.



​A randy husband has been left with the disgrace of a life time after his wife caught him in public with a prostitute.

The woman disgraced her husband in public after catching him with a prostitute

An angry wife caused a mild drama on Thursday after catching her husband with a prostitute at Nelson Mandela and Innez Terrace in Harare, Zimbabwe.

The woman was angry because the husband had lied to her that he was going for a work trip out of town only to find him in the CBD with a self-confessed lady of the night.

To make matters hard, the unmoved prostitute demanded that the man must pay for the oral sex she allegedly rendered to him.

“Is this the workshop you said you were going to? You lied to me that you we outside of town on duty, so are you not ashamed of yourself?

“Why is your trousers on the knees?

“I acted like I was dull but I knew you were not going to the workshop, people close to you told me everything and I was following you, ” said the woman taking the car keys from the ignition.

“I no longer want to see you again; you can go with your prostitute, but you are not going anywhere with my car,” she fumed.

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Meanwhile, the prostitute said all she wanted was her money.

“All I want is my money for the services I have given your husband. I don’t want your husband. I had s*x with him so he has to pay me,” said the prostitute.

The prostitute then left the scene and the couple locked themselves up in their vehicle where they discussed the matter.

Minutes later, the couple then left the scene in a Mercedes Benz which the wife had come with.

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