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5 Signs a Lady Wants to Have S*x With You



​This is a list of common signs that show a lady wants to make love you during a physical encounter.

Most times, ladies lack the boldness to bluntly tell a man they want s*x in a physical encounter especially when the couples are new to each other. It is the duty of the man to be vigilant to observe some behavioural characteristics of the lady in question and know the right time to make the romantic move.

Below is a list of common signs that show she is horny:

1. She comes to a date with a short skirt or a short gown.

2. She lays her head on your shoulders or laps. (This is a very popular s*x trick!)

3. She tells you in your house she wants to sleep and you shouldn’t disturb.

4. She loses off some buttons on her shirt (she wants you to feel aroused and make a move).

5. She tells you to play a song and she starts dancing.

6. She gives you “the look” (pupils dilated, upper lids fully retracted, while the bottom lids push up).

7. If she is unusually quiet and breathes hard the moment you touch her.

8. She get erotic in her discussions and lures you into a discussion about your s*xual prowess.

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9. She is reluctant to go home on a visit. (She only needs you to convince her to sleep over).

10. She plays pornographic materials for you from her phone and laughs unnecessarily.

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