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Watch Paul Of Psquare Performed Alone In Congo As Peter Threatens Lawsuit (Photos) 



In Faze voice ;​ “Them be 2, later become 3, dey do things together in peace and harmony, then suddenly the 3 been disagree, one go solo, the other 2 follow, o no no no no, – no matter long dey dey, go go leave each other, cos truly none of them be brothers “

Those were the words of Faze from his breakout single after the dissolution of the plantashun boiz, Psquare were not just brothers, they were TWINS!, no one ever thought they will be in this position where they will be performing and going events individually, but thats the sad reality, a very flat looking Paul went to Congo to perform alone for the first time ever and it was really painful to watch if you are a hardcore psquare fan, peep the clips and photos below


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