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Two Ladies Fight Dirty Over A Guy Inside LAGBUS Enroute CMS From Ojota ( Photos)



​According to the reader who sent in the pics, he was in a Lagos red bus popularly called LAGBUS from Ojota going to CMS when these two Ladies who boarded together started fighting over a man. He said one collected the other’s boyfriend’s number . How he explained it below..

See me see wahala o. Na so i entered this bus from Ojota going to the Island, CMS to be precised. Basically, these two ladies boarded at Ojota but i noticed they were arguing with each other as they entered the bus. The bigger one said something like ‘wa se ma gba number e leyin me?’ O mo pe boyfriend mi ni, ode gba number e. Ashewo’ meaning why would you collect his number, you knew he is my boyfriend and you still collected his number. You Prostitute’.Then the other lady replied, ‘Ma pe me lasewo”, meaning d’ Don’t call me a Prostitute’. The next thing i can remember is that they began beating each other. The bigger statured lady pegged the other one against the seat and beat her like a baby. Only a few people cared to seperate them as they both look like Street girls.

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