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OMG: 16-Year-Old Girl Kills Herself After Being Sexually Assaulted (Photos)



​A 16 year old schoolgirl has ended her own life after no one believed her sexual assault claim.

Emily killed herself by hanging in her bedroom while her mother was at work after reporting a s*x assault which she thought no one believed, an inquest has heard.

According to a report by Dailymail, Emily Stickells, 16, was found at her home in Cardiff in May this year, just days before she was due to sit her GCSE exams.

It was gathered that the girl had been struggling to deal with an alleged sex attack, which took place 18 months earlier. The girl who broke up with her boyfriend the day before she died felt no one believed her.

Her mother Sharon Thomas said that Emily felt no one believed her claims.

But she added:

I believed her. It affected her school and everything. She started truanting.’

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