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Nigerian Man Mysteriously Found Dead Inside His Flat in India (Photo)



​Authorities in India are currently investigating the mysterious death of a Nigerian who was found dead inside his flat in unknown circumstances.

A 30-year-old Nigerian national whose business visa had expired in April was found dead in his rented flat in Nalasopara on Thursday night.

The Tuling Police has ruled out murder and suspect the victim to have been electrocuted in the kitchen.

Inspector Kailash Barve said that Daniel Henry may have died around three days ago due to electrocution in the kitchen of his flat in Moregaon, Nalasopara (east) where the body was found.

The matter came to light on Thursday night when neighbours complained of foul smell from Henry’s flat. They informed the police who broke open the main door. The body was decomposed, said the police.

His right hand fingers and wrist were touching the compressor of the refrigerator indicating that he could have died of electrocution. Police suspect that he may have touched the compressor in a drunken state.

Henry’s business visa had expired on April 22. The flat was rented out to him by the owner, Qadeer Syed, in December 2015.

Building residents said that while Henry stayed alone, he often invited male friends for parties that went on till late night.

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The police have not got any details about Henry’s family. Police said that they will contact the Nigerian consulate for information about Henry.

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