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Man Narrates Experience After Dating Female Member of the Lords Chosen Church



​A young man has taken to social media to narrate his experience after dating a female member of popular Lagos Church. You can’t imagine what the guy really went through, read on and find out.

Below is how a Facebook user, Victor Daniel narrated his experience on social media;

Sister Ifeoma and I had a very interesting relationship. We dated for four years and two months and were very sexually exclusive. She was a member of The Lord’s Chosen. The closest I’d ever been to having sex with her was a very tight hug that lasted as long as 27 seconds. After which she asked for forgiveness from God.

“Sister Ifeoma, who insisted I added “Sister” as a prefix to her name, never let me see any part of her body that was meant to be “hidden”… Including her arms, her laps, and just below her neck. One day I was lucky enough to see as much as her elbow. She was so angry and ashamed she didn’t talk to me for 2 months.

“After a very long and enduring relationship, I finally got tired of masturbating while having a mental picture of what Ifeoma’s Bosom s would look like, and I broke up. In total, we hugged 6 times, twice on my birthday, once after I went out on an alter call (only because she promised to do something naughty with me if I gave my life to Christ- and a hug was the naughty gift I got). I did not get to see her bosom till the relationship ended.

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“She got married soon afterwards. While I was face-buried in my new girlfriend’s honeypot earlier this morning, Sister Ifeoma called to tell me she has given birth, and I went to see her today. We talked a lot, her baby got hungry and she Bosom fed the baby, right in my presence.

“I just want to tell you all that I’ve finally seen Sister Ifeoma’s Bosom s. I just want to know why she didn’t let me see it all the while we dated but now she’s comfortable flaunting it in my presence.”

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