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Hungry Man “Faints” In Front Of Tastee Fried Chicken Outlet (Photo)



​A facebook user living in my area narrates a ridiculous scenario he experienced while trying to getting food at a Tastee Fried Chicken outlet in Ikorodu area of Lagos yesterday.

According to the narrator, a man who was in a queue suddenly fainted and many people rushed to rescue him. In order to resuscitate him, someone quickly called for water to pour on him but everyone was shocked when the guy immediately opened his eyes and voiced:

If I needed water, I would have fainted in front of Lagos State Water Corporation, look at where I fainted and do the needful”

It was not funny at all as many people captioned the scenario.

Many people find it hard to have something to eat nowadays and even some claim they can afford to eat in their dreams in this current economy.

See what the user posted below:

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