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Heartless! Woman ‘Dumps Newborn Baby Inside Plastic Bag Two Hours After Giving Birth



​A woman who allegedly dumped her two-hour-old newborn baby inside a plastic bag , leaving the baby to die has being arrrested. The 20-year-old mother is thought to have been uncertain about who the child’s father was and decided to abandon it because she did not have a stable income.

The abandoned pink plastic bag was reportedly spotted in Wangjiaoqiao village, south-west China, by locals who were shocked to find the newborn inside.

The child, whose gender was not reported, was rushed to hospital by police for emergency treatment. But doctors could not save the baby’s life despite four hours of desperate attempts to revive the tot.

Investigators who watched surveillance footage from the village discovered that the child was carried across town by a woman wearing a red coat and black trousers who later discarded the bag a distance from her home in a random spot.

After police located her home and arrested her, she reportedly confessed to abandoning the child just two hours after giving birth. But she gave no clear reason behind her actions, refusing or not knowing how to answer questions regarding the infant’s father. It is not yet known whether the child died before or after being abandoned and left exposed to the elements. If found to have murdered her baby before discarding it, Wang will be subject to further charges on top of those she currently faces.

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