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GRAPHIC! Old Man Hangs Self In Anambra State Over Frustration (Photos)



​This was shared by Comr Eze Harris Chuma on Facebook.

Read what he shared below…..


For quite some time now, it has been Suicide.. Suicide… Suicide… Tuffiakwa !!

This is what plays out in Anambra my darling state…..

So much anguish and pains, one wonders what is the government of the day doing to alleviate the pains of the aged? What is the structure in place to promote and ensure quality welfare package for the senior citizens?

What is the connect between the government and the elderly in our society?

Why in this time and age an old man would hang himself to register disappointment and frustrated living?

Why would this man end up this way? What went wrong and why toe this dishonourable path?

Government should look into the plights of the elderly in the state.. This is becoming a norm… Suicide… Suicide…. Suicide

The Ajile Mopol Governor should sit up and arrest this ugly trend in Anambra.

Abomination indeed!

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