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Best Fruit For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner



It’s always good to eat fruit after each meal,  Sometimes one might even wish just to eat fruit throughout the day, and some do end up eating the wrong fruit. So I decided I share some of the fruit that are are good for consumption after (or just as) breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And also with reasons. 



is good as breakfast because it contains protine which lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels. This is not good for dinner cus it’s hard to digest at night and increase stomach acid. 
Plantain is also good for breakfast cus it lowers cholesterol levels and equally rich in minerals. This is not good for dinner cus it contains high calories compared to other vegetables, and may lead to weight gain if eaten after dinner.  

  • LUNCH 

Banana is good for lunch, it strengthens immune system and improves skin. It’s not advisable to take banana after dinner cus it may lead to mucus formation and disturb digestion. 


Yogurt is good to take after super/dinner because it helps in faster digestion and curbs late night snack craving. This is not good for breakfast cus it makes the empty stomach very acidic and has potential to damage the stomach lining

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