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AU Launches All-Africa Passport, Member Countries To Become Visa Free Zone



​The African union is introducing a common passport that will allow visa free access to all 54 member states. Superseding existing national documents.

The electronic passports will be unveiled at the AU summit in Kigali, Rwanda, later this month, where they will be issued to heads of state and senior officials. The Union aims to distribute them to all African citizens by 2018.

African Union Director for Political Affairs Dr. Khabele Matlosa believes easing access restrictions for travel within the continent will reduce the number of people embarking on dangerous migration routes.

In his words:

”Opening borders will have a profound effect for workers at the lower end of the scale.

“We have a problem now that young people are risking their lives to cross the Sahara Desert or travel on boats to Europe, If we open opportunities in Africa we reduce that risk.”

Now we know will this latest development help terror groups and organised crimes?

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