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Woman Shares Horrible Ordeal Her 3-year-old Nephew Suffers From The Hands Of Her Brothers Wife



Read the shocking story below…

The little boy, Kelechi Okolie has been rescued by his Uncle who brought him from village to Lagos few weeks ago. I was surprise when my brother called my attention to this horrible incident. My 3 year old nephew that was brought to Lagos few weeks ago, has been brutally beaten by his wife.

“My brother said he got back from work to meet his wife in the bathroom beating kelechi. reason being that she was trying to force the little boy to wee but was unable because he wasn’t pressed. “Now I understand the reason why kelechi will always cry to go with me when ever I am set for work” said my brother.

I received a distress call from my older brother this morning 26th June, i rush down to his house at mile 12 area, but to my greatest surprise, the little child that was looking so healthy when leaving his parents in the village few weeks ago has lost so much weight and also the child was full of bruises and bloody wounds on his face , the child’s back was also full of wounds that seem to be made by whipping. children around told me that the woman always beat little Kelechi each time she gets upset with her husband (my brother /Kelechi’s uncle).

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For goodness sake I wish to know the offense of this boy because this boy is so calm and reserved. I confronted the woman and she was proud to say that she did it because my brother offended her before leaving the house that day.

What can be done to the perpetrator of this brutality?

I plead on the authorities to look into this and bring justice to the perpetrator. so it can serve as a lesson to others. I await your favorable response





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