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Survival in Lagos: 7 Yoruba Words You’ll Need



​1. E kàárọ̀/E kaasán

E kàárọ̀ is the Yoruba word for ‘Good Morning’ while E kaasán is for ‘Good afternoon’. Throw that in when you’re at the office with the cleaner instead of the regular ‘Good Morning’

2. O wa

In a Lagos bus and the bus conductor calls your bus stop? Your response should be “O wa”. Else, the bus will drive past and you can’t do anything.

3. E fun mi fisi

You know how you walk into a local buka and you’re not satisfied with the amount of food they’ve given you? “E fun mi fisi” is the magic word. Say it and keep a smile and small portions will be added to your plate.

4. Ẹ ṣé

Ẹ ṣé is Yoruba for ‘thank you’. So when you need to show gratitude to someone for a favour, pop in this word.

5. E joo

E joo is Yoruba for ‘please’. So when you get into trouble and need someone to help out, say “e joo” and who knows?

6. Bẹẹ ni/Bẹẹ k

Bẹẹ ni means “yes” in Yoruba while Bẹẹ kọ means “no”. Would be really helpful if you have to go to any market in Lagos.

7. O dabo

O dabo in yoruba means Goodbye. Learn to say this before leaving… Office!!!

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Yoruba equally have lot of abusive words, so if someone calls or direct aNY of the following below, then you should read to know the meaning 

Wè rè– you must be mentally challenged

Íyà e – your mom, as in, like seriously, your mom..okay? Ooorgh

Dúró náà, Àbí ayé e fé bà jé? – just a minute pls, is your endeavour interested in a nose dive or what?

Kósì ló jòó. – please get out of here and take your stupidity along with you…durrh

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